This appointment is very good news for Scotland… and even better news for the Highlands!

11012670_924311284276202_3466032229370858450_nFergus Ewing has already proven to be a highly effective Minister and I am delighted he has been promoted to the Cabinet of the Scottish Government as the Minster for Rural Economy and Connectivity. During his tenure as Business, Energy and Tourism Minister he always showed a great ability to work with others to deliver successful outcomes both locally and for Scotland, exemplified in his recent work to save Steel production in Scotland.

This appointment is very good news for Scotland and even better news for the Highlands. Indeed it underlines the First Minister’s ambitious commitment to put connectivity at the heart of Government for all of Scotland – rural and urban. I am pleased that I will not only have the pleasure of sharing a constituency with Fergus but given our similar portfolios on Transport and connectivity there will be a greater opportunity to work closely together as stronger voice for Scotland.