BREXIT BILL: Scotland’s MPs 58 to 1 against leaving EU


Local MP Drew Hendry has described the Commons’ vote on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill as a “yet another example of a broken Westminster system, with its broken promises to Scotland.”

Commenting on the Article 50 debate, in which the SNP put down an amendment to decline a Second Reading to the UK government’s EU bill to trigger Article 50, the local MP said:

“Only one of Scotland’s 59 MPs – Tory MP David Mundell – voted in favour of triggering Article 50 yet Scotland as the country faces being taken out of the European Union against its will. Throughout this entire process, the UK government has avoided scrutiny at all costs. They even tried to avoid this debate. Theresa May’s behaviour has been nothing short of an affront to democracy –

“During the Independence campaign, we were repeatedly told that voting ‘No’ would assure membership of the European Union – yet despite all 32 constituencies in Scotland voting TO remain, we are one step closer to being dragged out of Europe. All efforts by the First Minister to work towards a compromise have been rejected and ignored.

The case for Independence has never been stronger.”

 During his speech to Parliament, Mr Hendry told MPs that people in the Highlands want “A big hearted, open minded cooperative future, where all, wherever they come from, who contribute to a better society, are valued”. He went on to say that people in Scotland rejected the ‘insular little Britain’ Theresa May is offering.

 The SNP amendment won the support from 45 members from other parties, including several Labour MPs who voted against their whip – ultimately it was voted down 336 votes to 100.

The motion argued that the UK government had failed to set out provision for effective consultation with the devolved administrations; failed to publish a White Paper; refused to guarantee the rights of EU nationals in the UK and has left unanswered the implications on key policy areas including withdrawing from the Single Market.