Unacceptable cuts to disability benefits


SNP MP, Drew Hendry has described further cuts to disability benefits as “completely unacceptable” and called for an assurance from the UK government that disabled people will not be left with less financial support as a result of the proposals.

The UK government has announced emergency legislation to change PIPs, which replaced Disability Living Allowance, and overturn two tribunal rulings last year which it claims would have added £3.7bn to the benefits bill by 2023.  The support is designed to help people cope with the extra costs of living with ill health or disability.

Tory MP and head of the Number 10 Policy Unit George Freeman, said the changes would ensure that benefits went to people who are “really disabled” rather than people “who suffer from anxiety”.  His comments have drawn wide spread criticism from opposition MPs and disability organisations.

Commenting, Drew Hendry MP said:

“It is those most in need who continue to pay the price for the Tories failed austerity project and that one of Theresa May’s most senior advisers, thinks it’s ok to suggest that people with a mental health disability are not “really disabled” highlights just how far this Government has sunk. These comments are disgraceful and show a  total lack of compassion or understanding when it comes to providing for those who are less fortunate than others.

“I have signed the motion laid in the House of Commons to formally object to this legislation. We now urgently need to know what impact these proposals will have on people who currently receive Personal Independent Payments and assurances that existing benefits will not be cut further.