Prime Minister should take the lead from the communities of this constituency

15333-itok=BUkdW2mYDrew responds to Syria Statement

“The Prime Minister committing to 20,000 refugees over the parliament term certainly does not go far enough and coupling the refugee crisis in the same statement as ISIS risks against the UK, was ill judged and in poor taste.  His response lacks the leadership shown across Europe and in our communities.

“For instance here in my constituency  volunteers from groups like CalAid Badenoch are out and about collecting donations for the refugees. As well as accepting deliveries to schools, churches, private businesses and village halls, volunteers are also out collecting donations from people’s home. Our communities have pulled together, showed solidarity with the refugees, haven’t faltered and have done what is needed and what is right. It is time the Government got its act together and took the lead from communities in my constituency and welcome the refugees.”