local buses

Local buses need to be regular and reliable

Anything less is not good enough. 

Many of you have been in touch to share the issues with the current bus service across the city. I want to start off by being clear – local buses need to be regular and reliable. Anything less is not good enough.

We all appreciate that sometimes there will be delays with buses, but the experiences you’ve outlined are unacceptable. Some of you are missing work as a result, while others have missed medical appointments, while others have been abandoned, unable to reach home.

WATCH: Update on the ongoing issues with local buses


My priority- as your Member of Parliament- is to help you and others dealing with unreliable and sometimes non-existent bus services.

To that end, I have been meeting regularly with Stagecoach management, and my team are documenting all the problems brought to us by constituents like yourself to share with them.

Stagecoach understands your frustrations – and they are ones they share. Their staff are working under incredible pressure and I know they want to get these issues sorted.

Frustratingly, for them, you and I, many of the problems are related to staffing shortages – specifically a shortage of drivers. As you will know, this is an issue businesses across the country now face because of Brexit.

While none of us can solve the national staffing crisis, I will continue to work with local residents, Stagecoach, the Highland Council and anyone else involved to find solutions to the issues causing these disruptions.

 Now I know, promises that it’s a priority for me – doesn’t help you get to your work on time or get to your appointments. Believe me, I wish I could fix the issue today.

I can’t but I will do all I can to ensure your voice is heard and that we all work to find solutions that are going to create some reliability for you all.

 I will do my best to keep you updated on progress and please keep sending me your experiences.

Share your experiences with me at https://www.drewhendrymp.scot/message/