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MP welcomes business leaders confidence in an independent Scotland


A new study has found that business leaders across the UK are confident that their companies would thrive in an independent Scotland.

The Ipsos MORI survey, which interviewed 102 British business leaders between February and July discovered “little resistance” to the concept of an independent Scotland.

It revealed that 95% of business leaders are confident that “my company would adapt to the consequences if Scotland became an independent country” with just 4% saying they didn’t believe Scotland would become independent.

SNP MP Drew Hendry  said:

“It is reassuring to see that the business community share the belief that Scotland has the opportunity to thrive as an independent nation.

“Support for independence is already the established majority view of people living in Scotland. In my experience, that is also the settled view of people here in the Highlands. Outside of London, Scotland is already one of the most productive parts of the UK. With our thriving renewables sector and emerging industries, talent and natural resources, the Highlands is well-placed to lead through the economic recovery.

“People see that the threat Boris and his right-wing government pose to Scotland’s economy grows with each new day. Already having to deal with the fallout of the UK Government’s shambolic handling of Brexit, many business leaders see the Tory Government’s Internal Market bill for what it is – a blatant power grab on the Scottish Parliament. A move that will see the spending priorities of a Tory Government in London prevail over the needs of Scotland’s economy and society.

“This really is a choice between two futures – businesses are being dragged out of a single market eight times bigger than the UK’s and continue to be hampered at every turn by the Brexit chaos and now the refusal of the UK Government to put in place meaningful COVID support.

“With independence, we will have all the levers needed to make decisions that match Scotland’s needs and priorities – it is little wonder that businesses are now looking to that opportunity.”

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