Scotland didn’t vote for this sorry mess

This week, Theresa May’s Brexit deal faces almost certain defeat, as the delayed ‘meaningful vote’ comes back to Parliament. It’s clear even those supporting her deal are doing so out of Tory party loyalty, or through fear that something, anything must be delivered before March. I doubt even the Prime Minister thinks of it as a ‘good deal’.

This vote is the culmination of over two years of so-called negotiations. It has been a damaging waste of time which has trashed the UK’s international reputation. Labour have made it clear they’re not to be trusted either. They remain in as much conflict as the Tory party, as Corbyn threatens his own version of a blind Brexit. The only way out of this sorry mess is to, revoke article 50 and hold another public vote. If the Government believes their version of Brexit is the will of the people, then put it to the people.  The truth is, this whole fiasco has never been about delivering on democracy, it’s always been about the tory internal civil war over Europe. It’s time it was about the future of people in all nations of the UK.

Here in Scotland, every single Local Authority area voted to remain, with 62% of voters opting to stay in the EU. My SNP colleagues and I have been resolute in our determination to remind the Prime Minister and her Government of this fact. Our Scottish Parliament voted to withhold consent for article 50 and voted to reject the Prime Minister’s deal. While the Scottish Government sought to compromise, by setting out in its ‘Scotland’s place in Europe’ document, how the UK Government could deliver Brexit while protecting our economy and citizens. All these efforts have been cast aside by Theresa May and her Government. Little to no attempt has been made to work constructively with the Scottish Parliament or Government. Lately, even the Scottish Tories at Westminster appear frustrated at having to defend the indefensible.

Over the weekend, I was out knocking on doors and listening to constituents’ views on Brexit.  Its clear people don’t like what they see playing out at Westminster, especially this Government’s lack of interest in the views of Scotland. It’s little wonder, more and more people are reaching the realisation that Scotland’s future needs to be in the hands of Scotland’s people.