Heathrow decision welcome – but the soap opera that is the tory party continue

Years of ‘Ditter and delay will continue to frustrate businesses & travellers’

SNP Transport spokesperson Drew Hendry MP  has said the decision to increase airport capacity in the South East of England  is welcome but that businesses and travellers alike will be frustrated that there is at least a year before there is a decision in parliament to finally go ahead and that will just mean more ‘dither and delay’.

The Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has announced that Heathrow is the preferred choice and that a new runway is the best option.

Drew Hendry  MP commented:

‘’It is of course welcome that we finally get a decision – but true to form – the UK government’s indecisiveness and muddle which we have witnessed for years on this, continues.

‘’There is still a long way to go before parliament even gets to vote on it –  and the Tories are deeply and bitterly divided about it  -so for businesses and travellers there will still be frustration.

‘’Whilst expansion at Heathrow can and must benefit Scotland, there will be disproportionate benefit to the South East of England and London. The UK government must ensure that  when this does eventually get approval Scotland gets a fair deal from the process. We should see a commitment on route investment, guarantees to Scottish cities and an equitable share of any public spending that might be accrued coming to Scotland.

‘’For the wider benefit they must also make a proper commitment to supporting new airspace plans, bio fuels for aircraft and the use of carbon reduction technology.

‘’The long soap opera over airport capacity seems set to continue  – so, as welcome as today’s announcement is – there is no room for yet more dither and delay. ‘’