Highland Energy Costs

The Issue:

People here in the Highlands are forced to pay more for their energy bills than in other parts of the UK. 

The irony being that folk can often see the sources of renewable energy, such as wind turbines, from their own window and most of the oil and gas extracted from the North Sea is in Scottish waters.

The Impact:

Due to a range of factors, most notably the colder climate, households in the Highlands already use more energy to heat their homes thanmost other parts of the UK. Of course, this is to be expected, but it cannot be right that we are charged more for the pleasure of transferring energy generated here to the National Grid and then to have it piped back to us.

There is already a Cost of Living Crisis and an Energy Crisis – people are struggling all across the nations of the UK. It is, therefore, a disgrace that there is effectively a Highland Energy Tax in place.

Work I am doing:

I have raised this issue continuously in Parliament throughout my time as an MP, and have worked with colleagues from across the Highlands to demand better for our communities.

In addition, I have had some encouraging conversations with both energy suppliers and Ofgem on the matter. It’s clear now though that the time for talk is over and change will require real action from all parties involved.

As your MP, I stand firmly committed to ensuring a fair deal for you on energy costs and will continue to do everything I can to remove these unfair excess charges levied on the Highlands.

Share Your Views:

If you have any thoughts, concerns or ideas about energy pricing in the Highlands, I’d love to hear from you: https://us13.list-manage.com/survey?u=79400f257882be15026d47c7a&id=7213fd1efe&attribution=false


Recorded in March 2023.

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