Off-Grid Energy Discrimination

The Issue:

Due to the geography of the Highlands and the sprawling nature of our communities, particularly rural ones, many homes are not connected to the mains gas grid, meaning those who live there require the use of alternative fuels to heat their homes. Such fuels include oil and LPG.

Unlike electricity and gas, the price for these “alternative” fuels is not regulated by Ofgem, meaning that suppliers are free to charge whatever they like. 

The Impact:

The energy market in the UK is a shambles, and this is just one example of it. People should not be penalised because of where they live and the infrastructure available (or unavailable) to them. 

I have heard directly from folk who are having to fork out thousands of pounds multiple times per year just to heat their home (that’s before electricity charges are accounted for too). At a time when prices across the board are rising and wages are not keeping up, this is a shameful situation which many households simply cannot afford to continue.

Work I am doing:

Energy has been a key issue for me since I was elected to Parliament in 2015. Specifically on the issue of off-grid household energy, I have had various meetings with different UK Government ministers as well as Ofgem themselves. 

Most notably, I presented a Ten Minute Rule Bill in the House of Commons to draw attention to the issue as well as hosting a debate in Westminster Hall on the matter. You can watch my opening speech from the debate below.

Share Your Views:

Do you live off the gas-grid and think it’s unfair that you need to pay more? 

If so, I’d really appreciate it if you let me know your thoughts on the matter:


Recorded in June 2022.

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