Energy Support hub

The astronomical prices of energy and fuel are pushing more and more families into difficult times. I hope this information hub is of some help to you and please do get in touch with me if you think I can be of assistance with your issue. My team and I are here to help. 

Highland Council
Welfare Support Team

Contact this team for advice on social security. They will be able to check to see if there are any elements you are entitled to and help with money and energy advice.

Citizens Advice

Local Citizen Advice teams are on hand to help with advice on managing household budgets and energy costs.

Inverness Winter Payments Scheme

Residents in Inverness and surrounding areas may qualify for the Inverness Winter Payment Scheme. Click below to check eligibility (closes 30 April)

Help from your
Energy Suppliers

It is always worth discussing any problems with making payments for energy directly with your supplier, as suppliers can agree repayment plans and a number of suppliers also have grants or other support available. Specific support contact details for a number of suppliers are as below;

third Sector advice & Support

If you are struggling with money worries then please dont suffer in silence. There are experts who can help you look at your finances and advise you on how to work out payment plans with providers. Some suggestions below.

Home Energy Scotland

Home Energy Scotland can provide information and support with reducing energy costs, and additional details as to how they can help can be found below.

Insulating your home

Up to £5000 Scottish Government support is available to help insulate homes. Find more details below. Local funding schemes:

Local Funding Schemes

Find out more about local funding schemes:

Here to Help

If you have an Energy Issue and need my help, please get in touch.