Drew Hendry MP and guests talking around a table at the focus group event


Drew Hendry MP celebrated the launch of SafeKab, an innovative initiative from Inverness Taxis, and offered women the chance to share their experiences through a focus group meeting held earlier this week. The event was an informative gathering meant to raise awareness and discuss the potential of SafeKab in addressing women’s safety.

The initiative emerges as a response to the growing concerns regarding women’s safety in public spaces, aiming to instil confidence and ensure security and fast action in the event of an emergency.

Women from various organisations, including Women’s Aid, RASASH, the Young Women’s Movement and the Street Pastors, were in attendance to share their thoughts and experiences. Gavin Johnston, owner of Inverness Taxis, also attended to convey the progress made with their new app.

SafeKab offers various tools via a smartphone app to protect individuals walking or taking a taxi home, focusing on proactive safety measures and immediate response features. Such tools include allowing a family member or friend to track your walk home or alerting nearby taxi drivers to an emergency with the tap of a button.

Comments by Drew Hendry MP:

“I am very pleased to have SafeKab introduced to our community, a significant step forward in safeguarding the women in the Highlands. It is crucial for everyone to feel secure when returning home, and SafeKab serves as an essential tool in ensuring such security – a huge congratulations to Gavin and the team at Inverness Taxis for successfully taking the lead on this.

“By bringing women from various backgrounds together at the focus group, we aimed to address the diverse needs and concerns related to safety. The insights gained from this event will undoubtedly contribute to further enhancements in the app and other safety initiatives.

“Creating safe communities is a collective responsibility, and I am optimistic that SafeKab will inspire more innovative solutions to emerge, focusing on protection and safety for all.”