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RELEASE: Launch of new electric bike share scheme (Hi-Bike) in Inverness

Inverness is gearing up for the launch of HI-BIKE, the new electric bike share scheme being introduced in the city. The first phase of the scheme will see 30 electric bikes being made available for hire in the city, with three docking stations located at:-

  • The Railway Station (near its entrance to Falcon Square)
  • The Lochan, Inverness Campus, Beechwood
  • Great Glen House, Leachkin.

Promoting the scheme is HITRANS, the regional transport partnership for the Highlands and Islands, which is working in partnership with The Highland Council to expand the scheme over the next 12 months to bring additional bikes and docking stations to the city, giving a wider geographic spread and providing access to the bikes from more residential areas.

HI-BIKE offers a range of membership options, from pay per ride to monthly or yearly membership.  Shorter membership options include 30 minutes free riding before extra time fees kick in, and monthly and yearly membership gives 45 minutes free each ride. To use the service, users can simply purchase a membership online or using the Hi-Bike mobile app. More information is available on the website: www.hi-bike.co.uk

HITRANS Partnership Chair, Highland Councillor Allan Henderson, said: “HI-BIKE gives residents and visitors more options for making shorter journeys within the city by bike, helping to reduce carbon emissions and pollution, and improving health and wellbeing.”

This is an eagerly-awaited project that will give people the opportunity to travel around the city in a different way, enjoy the benefits of active travel and play their part in protecting our environment. I’m looking forward to the rollout of the scheme across Inverness, confirming its position as a major cycling city, and to other communities in the Highlands.

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