UK Minister agrees to further discussions on Highland Energy Rebate Proposal

In a step towards fairer energy pricing in the Highlands and Islands, local MP Drew Hendry led a debate in Parliament, obtaining an agreement from the Minister for Energy Security and Net Zero to continue discussions around unfair energy prices and the Highland Energy Rebate Scheme.

Mr Hendry secured the debate, which took place in Westminster Hall on Wednesday, on the topic of ‘Introduction of energy rebates for the Highlands and Islands’. He was joined in the discussion by the four most Northern MPs, demonstrating the strong cross-party support and commitment to the campaign’s objectives to address the disproportionate energy costs burdening the residents of the Highlands and Islands.

The Highland Energy Rebate campaign has also gained widespread support from other stakeholders across the Highlands and Islands region.

Before the debate, Hendry met with the Minister to discuss the Highland Energy Rebate proposal. He welcomed her agreement to continue discussions about a fair rebate scheme that would recognise the region’s substantial contribution to renewable energy production and address the energy market’s inequities.

Speaking after the debate, Mr Hendry said:

 “The Minister’s commitment to continuing discussions about the Highland Energy Rebate is welcome, and I will follow up with her very soon.”

“Still, people living here need action, not warm words. The energy pricing market is broken, and far from reducing standing charges, the latest Ofgem review sees ours going up, now a staggering 50% higher than the daily standing charge residents in London pay.”

“The Highland Energy Rebate is not just a proposal; it’s a solution for more sustainable and equitable energy pricing. If the Chancellor can introduce a scheme to support those living beside new infrastructure, he could introduce one for those living in an area that generates more hydro and wind power than anywhere else on these isles.”

“People living in the Highlands and Islands face the highest level of fuel poverty and higher bills because of the colder climates, and we are paying higher standing charges and some of the highest unit charges. All this when we live in an energy-rich region – this inequity has gone on long enough, and I will continue to work with others to see the Highland Energy Rebate implemented.”

Mr Hendry launched the Highland Energy Rebate campaign in January as part of his ongoing work to tackle unfair energy pricing. The proposal advocates for a rebate scheme for residents in the Highlands & Islands who contribute significantly to the UK’s renewable energy production. It targets the imbalance in energy costs, particularly for those in off-grid areas who cannot access cheaper energy alternatives. 

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