Airport delay: Another ‘slap in the face’ for businesses and travellers


SNP Transport spokesperson at Westminster, Drew Hendry MP has said that the decision to delay yet again any decision on the development of extra airport capacity in the South East of England is another ‘ slap in the face’ for Scottish businesses and travellers.

The announcement came from the UK Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, when he said that a decision on this crucial investment would not be seen until the end of the year. The UK Government had delayed any decision until after the EU referendum was over and now as the Tory government awaits a new leader – it has been delayed again.

Drew Hendry MP commented :

‘’This is another totally unacceptable and damaging delay – and a total slap in the face for the Scottish business community and travellers alike. It is entirely down to the utter vacuum created by the Tory leadership crisis at Westminster. The interests of the nations of the UK and the business community take second place to Tory party politics.

“We don’t just have the Tory Government in a holding pattern, we also have the future of airport expansion there too.

“Having already caused utter chaos to try to satisfy his own Tory backbenchers by holding a referendum we did not ask for, the Tories now expect us to sit around and wait, who knows for how long, until they sort out the shambles that is their party. It is unacceptable.

‘’The message is clear from the SNP – make a decision and build the capacity.  The Scottish business community and travellers of all kinds need this to be sorted – and sorted soon.’’