An Uphill Battle Against Off-Grid Energy Discrimination

As autumn leaves give way to winter chills, the issue of energy pricing becomes a burning concern, especially in places like the Strath. My recent discussions with constituents have shed light on the relentless challenges faced by those at the mercy of unyielding energy companies. Serving as your representative and the Economy Spokesperson for the SNP at Westminster, my commitment to championing fair energy pricing remains unyielding.

The unique geographical disposition of the Highlands necessitates many homes to rely on alternative fuels like oil and LPG, owing to their disconnection from the mains gas grid. Regrettably, unlike electricity and gas, the prices for these alternative fuels escape the regulatory oversight of Ofgem, enabling suppliers to dictate prices at will. This scenario, known as off-grid energy discrimination, exemplifies the gaping flaws in our existing energy market, leaving our rural communities in the cold.

The narrative of escalating energy prices is familiar across the UK, but it hits home harder as the sting of inflation further exacerbates the situation. The recent inflation figures from the UK are indeed troubling. Projected to outpace other major economies by 2024, the escalating costs of food, energy, rent, and mortgage are tightening the noose around family budgets. The SNP-led Scottish Government’s proactive steps, including the council tax freeze and rent increase caps, cushion the blow sharply contrast the lack of tangible support from the Tories and Labour.

Many have recounted tales of parting with thousands of pounds, repeatedly throughout the year, to keep the hearth warm. As each year rolls by, the widening gap between rising living costs and stagnant wages deepens the crisis. The cry for urgent remedial action grows louder.

Leading the charge on these issues has led me to use every lever available as a Parliamentarian. Engaging UK Government ministers and Ofgem officials, the Ten Minute Rule Bill presented in the House of Commons, the debate hosted in Westminster Hall, and myriad dialogues initiated all aim at securing a fair deal for off-grid households. It’s a simple yet powerful premise: no one should be penalised based on their geographic domicile and the infrastructure it inherits.

Furthermore, my “It’s Your Money” campaign sought to unravel the experiences of constituents dealing with energy suppliers’ reluctance to refund accrued credits in consumer accounts. The outpouring of responses from the community has been heartening, fortifying the narrative of fairness in our fight.

As the chill of winter tightens its grip, the imperative for the UK Government to intervene and extend support crystallises. The disproportionate higher charges borne by our communities, particularly during the frosty winter months, underscore an injustice that demands redress.

In days leading up to the next UK Budget, I’ll echo these concerns loudly in Parliament, advocating for a just energy pricing structure. The collective resonance of our voices is a potent force that can steer the narrative towards a future where warming our homes in winter doesn’t necessitate financial distress.

Engagement and awareness are our allies. Together, we can foreground a narrative that demands attention, propelling us towards a future where the chill of injustice in energy pricing thaws under the warmth of fairness and support.

As always, my door remains open to listen, engage, and act. Reach out, share your concerns, and stay informed through my website,