Celebrating Neurodiversity: Local MP Drew Hendry highlights the importance of inclusive workspaces

In light of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Local MP Drew Hendry is highlighting the importance of creating work environments that embrace neurodiversity.

During Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Hendry put forward an Early Day Motion in parliament highlighting the barriers neurodivergent people face, urging the UK Government to support employers to make their workplaces more inclusive.

The journey to getting an assessment for conditions like autism and ADHD is becoming increasingly complex and lengthy, with waiting times reaching new highs. On top of this, the current shortage of ADHD medication is making things even harder for many following a diagnosis, highlighting the need for more adaptable and supportive workplaces.

Commenting on the issue, Mr Hendry shared:

“It’s crucial to not only celebrate the diversity in our teams but also to acknowledge the barriers that neurodiverse people face in society and at work. I’m lucky to work with a team rich in talent and neurodiversity – I also make it my duty to understand the unique challenges each of them face every day.

“15-20% of the population of the UK are thought to be neurodivergent. It’s essential for us as employers and policymakers to learn about the challenges faced by our neurodivergent colleagues and push for a culture of understanding and inclusion. We all see the world in our unique way, and it’s this diversity that makes us stronger together.

Hendry aims to underline the value of a neurodiverse workforce and the importance of fostering inclusive work environments.

He is encouraging local businesses to partner with neurodiversity support groups and consider how to incorporate neurodiversity training into their company cultures.

“I’m constantly amazed by the incredible organisations and charities in our community that raise awareness and provide support. There are fantastic local support groups, and they would be thrilled to help employers who want to offer better support to neurodiverse teams.

“Let’s pledge to create workplaces where everyone, no matter our differences, feels appreciated, supported, and enabled to thrive. By doing so, we can build a more inclusive, understanding, and prosperous society.”