SNP MPs have highlighted the continuing Brexit chaos at PMQs today. Hannah Bardell  and Drew Hendry both highlighted the prime minister’s inability to answer  ‘even the most straightforward questions’ and show once again the deeply worrying Tory failures on Brexit.

Across a range of issues the prime minister is still unable to show any resolution or firm decisions on key areas from the rights of EU Nationals in the UK to a total lack of any information or planning  for  industries vital to the Scottish economy.

Hannah Bardell MP for Livingston asked:

‘’The Life Sciences Scotland firm Tepnel Pharma Services employs 50 people in my Livingston constituency, they test the safety standards of everyday drugs to ensure our citizens in the UK, in the EU and further afield, are kept safe.

‘’They gave evidence at the Trade Bill committee expressing grave concerns about the lack of information and plans for Brexit. I met them last week and it’s fair to say their concerns have gone from Amber to red. Life Sciences in Scotland and across the UK are reliant on a harmonised regulatory environment, Businesses need answers now Prime Minister, when will they get them?”

Drew Hendry MP for Inverness Badenoch Nairn and Strathspey asked:

‘’Many Highland businesses rely on EU National employees simply to operate – given that her government already makes a charge of up to £1,000 per year per person for non EU Nationals – will she categorically rule out any such immigration skill charge for EU Nationals after the UK leaves the EU.’’

Drew Hendry MP commented:

‘’The prime minister says she will deal with the issues raised in ‘due course‘ or she will be ‘looking to make sure’ things are okay. Theresa May showed today she is unable to answer even the most straightforward Brexit questions.

‘’This is unbelievably complacent. Businesses across all sectors including  life sciences – tourism –  manufacturing and exporting need answers now. As do Educational Institutions and of course individuals who are left hanging about their own future status. It is callous – damaging and unacceptable.”