Scottish cadets still at sea on Hanjin Ship


SNP Westminster Transport spokesperson Drew Hendry MP has said the Scottish cadets stranded at sea on the Hanjin Lousiana Cargo Ship must be taken to berth at the nearest port as soon as possible after an offer to transfer the cadets by CMI Offshore, failed  over the weekend.

The four cadets have been stranded as Hanjin – the shipping company which has recently gone into receivership – have so far refused to dock their ships for fear they and their cargos may be seized.

The plight of the cadets has been raised by the Nautilis the seafarers union and Drew Hendry MP.

Drew Hendry MP said:

The situation for these four Scottish cadets is still very concerning as despite the offer from CMI Offshore to help get the cadets home –  they are still at sea. CMI Offshore had generously proposed to arrange a ship transfer vessel to get the cadets off and take care of all of the documentation required.  All that was required was the go-ahead from Zodiac – the company the cadets have been placed with – and the Hanjin company itself. Zodiac are reported to have turned down this offer, which would have guaranteed the cadets return however I now believe that there is a proposal for the vessel to dock on the 28th of September.

The cadets have been let down before when a previous ship transfer arrangement failed to materialise  so  we must now ensure that this proposed berthing happens. I am grateful to the Seafarers Union, Nautilus and CMI Offshore Group for their help in keeping the pressure on , but The Foreign and Commonwealth Office must now also put pressure on Hanjin to make sure that his vessel berths safely on Wednesday and that arrangements are in place to bring the shipmates home.

A spokesperson from the Nautilus seafarers union added :

Nautilus believes it is imperative that these cadets are allowed to return home at the earliest opportunity and that their ordeal is finally brought to an end. We hope that all the various parties involved in the operation and management of the vessel will put an end to the uncertainty which has dragged on for too long.