UK must help stranded sea cadets

SNP MP Drew Hendry  has said the UK Government  needs to take urgent action to assist in the case of 4 Scottish sea cadets  stranded at sea.

The cadets have been left stranded on the ‘Hanjin Louisiana’ as a result of the shipping company recently going into receivership.

They were due to arrive home a couple of weeks ago, but have been left adrift in the Indian Ocean –  as Hanjin continue to refuse to dock their ships for fear of their ship and goods been seized.

Ruairidh Hannah, one of the students on-board the Hanjin Louisiana asked his family to contact SNP Westminster Transport spokesperson, Drew Hendry to ask for his assistance having exhausted all other avenues.

Since then the MP and his team have been working with Nautilus – the seafarers union and other agencies to try and get the cadets home.

Drew Hendry MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey said:

‘’This is a completely frustrating and potentially dangerous situation for the crew and a huge worry for their families – and I really want Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to get on and take action to get them to a place of safety.

“After Ruairidh got in touch, my immediate concern – and that of my colleagues –  was to get him and his colleagues home to their families. Over the past couple of weeks my office and I have been working with the trade union Nautilus and other agencies to find ways making this happen.

“I have asked Boris Johnson to join me in urging all the companies involved to take swift action to get the young cadets home, instead of leaving the adrift in the Indian Ocean, as they have been for weeks. Now that he is aware of the plight of Ruairidh and his colleagues, I trust he will also ensure that everything that can be done by the UK Government, is being done.

“Although the cadets have tried to stay positive throughout this ordeal, the very real prospect of being stranded for several month, is understandably taking its toll on them. Their families are naturally extremely anxious about the welfare of their loved ones..”