SNP team up to end ‘here today – gone tomorrow’ air links

airport-924118_1280The SNP are commenting following a meeting in London today with senior managers of Heathrow and Gatwick Airports.   SNP Westminster Transport spokesperson Drew Hendry along with Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure Keith Brown, and Scottish Minister for Transport and Islands Derek Mackay, held the meetings today to stress the importance to Scotland’s economy of continued access to London’s airports.   It follows the publication of the Airport Commission’s long-awaited report on expansion earlier this year.   Drew Hendry MP commented:

”This shows the SNP’s commitment to working together to ensure that we get guarantees for the Scottish travelling public and  business community that the  – ‘here today, gone tomorrow’  situation over routes between our airports and London  – whichever hub is finally decided on  -are guaranteed and improved .

“There is more work to do but we are certainly determined to pursue this – to get the right result for the Scottish public.”