World Orienteering Championships

11696313_998580616849268_3170417192938630723_oCompetitors from more than 50 nations arrived earlier this week for the World Orienteering Championships and Scottish 6-Days event. The unique terrain of the Highlands provides the perfect canvass for this prestigious event and it is another example of the area being a leading outdoor event destination. It was my great pleasure to welcome the competitors to the constituency and get the opportunity to watch the race with the stunning backdrop of Darnaway Castle. I congratulated the President of the International Orienteering Federation, Brian Porteous & Visit Scotland Chief Executive Mike Cantley on the events success.

I was incredibly impressed by the fitness and endurance of athletes who partake in the sport. It clearly brings in people from all walks of life and from around the world, and it is a fantastic example of how we can use the natural beauty and landscape of the area to increase visitor traffic. I understand the entire event was even televised in Sweden.